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Time and Attendance System

Are you still recording attendance manually in books? You can easily replace the paper-based system with an electronic version accessible through web browsers. With WebJET NET, you can track employee arrivals and departures, approve their leave requests, record absences, thus simplifying the work of the payroll department. 


No need for a swipe card, fingerprint scanner, or manual entry in books. Start each day by logging into the system. Upon login, you'll see the company bulletin board, where you can check for updates or share news with your colleagues. Attendance tracking can be configured to connect via the company's IP address, login to Active Directory, or manage it with a card reader connected to your computer. End your workday by logging out of the intranet. 

Each employee has their own calendar where they can schedule time spent on specific tasks or in meetings. Predefined entries such as lunch or break are also included. Entries can be customized to meet your specific requirements. 

Are you planning a business trip, a doctor's appointment, or do you need to unexpectedly take care of a family member? The employee calendar offers various types of entries, which are reflected in the payroll department's records. Mark appointments or accompanying visits to the doctor, home office days, unpaid leave, and more on the calendar. 

With the system, you'll have an overview of employees’ workplace availability. Work planning suddenly becomes easier when viewing marked leaves. Each employee can submit a leave request through the calendar, subject to approval by their supervisors. Once approved, this information will be reflected in the calendar and in the monthly attendance report as a day off. 

Clear and concise reports available with just one click, reflecting the actual attendance of employees. Save time and resources for your payroll department. Reports will provide you with information on time worked on individual tasks. Reports can be set to automatically send on the first day of each month. 

Organizational structure 

Gain a detailed overview of the company's structure along with current contacts and a list of available colleagues at work. This is beneficial for both existing and new employees who may not be familiar with their new workplace. The organizational structure helps them understand which department individuals belong to, their contact information, and even their surname. 


The company's organizational structure is automatically generated from the filled-in employee data. WebJET NET system provides a clear depiction of the relationships between various departments, their superiors, and employees. 

Upon logging into the system, you have access to a complete list of employees. It includes a photo, assigned department, position, and contact information. The list also indicates whether the employee is at work, on vacation, visiting a doctor, or on a business trip. 

Need to find a colleague's phone number or office number? All the necessary information is available with just one click. The system supports searching within the list of employees as well as within the organizational structure. 

Document Management

No need to search for important information in file folders. Save the environment and transition your company to electronic documents. Keep them in one place to make search significantly faster, and access rights set as needed. 


Are you tired of searching for and sending documents to colleagues? Any day, a colleague may request sample forms, presentation templates, guidelines, certificates, or any other documents from you. It's not necessary because they can find them themselves. Gain instant access to important company documents. In WebJET NET, all documents and guidelines are available in one place whenever you're online. Sharing current documents among employees has never been easier. 

Upload documents into the structure you created. Define clear categories and bring order into your company documents. You can restrict access rights to specific users/groups for individual categories in the structure. 

Need to quickly access a specific document or guideline? You don't have to navigate through the structure. You can easily search through all the documents in the system by name. 

Asset Management

Simple asset inventory with detailed searching. Gain overview and control over tangible assets in your company used by various types of users. 


You have an unlimited number of records sorted into categories of your choice. The system includes searching by parameters specified in the record detail and exporting data to a static file, such as xls format.  

Each item of tangible assets in the system contains extensive information and associated equipment. For example, a workstation (desk) can be listed as the main record, and accessories such as a telephone, monitor, computer, keyboard, and so on can be assigned to it.  

Asset management includes a complete history of changes. For each item, the date of inclusion in use or its disposal is provided. Information is supplemented with changes during use, such as reassignment of assets to another department, assignment to another person, and so on. 

Social funcions

WebJET NET is also a social network for employees. It is a place where they can communicate with each other, share posts, photos and strengthen relationships in the work team.


The company newsfeed resembles Facebook. Each employee can add their own post, interesting link, or photo. Company news, which are visually distinguished, are also part of the newsfeed. If necessary, approval of employee posts can be set up. 

Are you interested in your colleagues’ opinions and don’t want to make decisions without them? Create your own discussion forum or reach out to them through surveys and monitor responses in real-time. The system also allows you to add articles to the company blog, which is accessible only to employees. 

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